Sheep have been a part of the White family home life since 1983 when Stan became a Farm Manager at Codman Community Farms. Lincoln residents Ellen Raja and Betty Levin instructed and guided Stan in how to raise sheep and border collies.  Betty sold Border Leicester and Scottish Blackface sheep and four border collie puppies to Stan.  Hans was the first border collie, Taran, the second, Sweep, the third, and Taff, the fourth. All the dogs have been great at herding sheep. Our fifth border collie, Lenna, is Taff's daughter. She turns four on January 27, 2019. When Taff is close to retirement in 2022, we anticipate purchasing a female border collie puppy with the intent of breeding.

Generally, the lambs are born in early March.  The newborns are adorable and I have taken many photos over the years. There are many sheep photos on one of my many Shutterfly Share Sites

We sell grass fed custom butchered lamb direct to customers.  Please contact us if you are interested at . The meat is not cheap since there are significant expenses with raising and butchering at Adams Farm in Athol. However, we receive compliments on the great taste and flavor and have many repeat customers. Our meat has hardly any of the fat that one tastes with feedlot confinement. 

I have listened to two audiobooks by Michael Pollan and feel convicted by his elegant and powerful writing, that our farming practices are sustainable and compatible with nature. These quotes from 'In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto' are truly meaningful. "It is a large community to nourish and be nourished by.  The cook in the kitchen preparing a meal from plants and animals at the end of this shortest of food chains has a great many things to worry about, but “health” is simply not one of them, because it is given." This second one is worth posting in bold letters in our mill building. "In the eye of the cook or gardener or the farmer who grew it, this food reveals itself for what it is: no mere thing but a web of relationships among a great many living beings, some of them human, some not, but each of them dependent on the other, and all of them ultimately rooted in soil and nourished by sunlight."


Lean Grind, Chops, Leg Steaks, Half Leg of Lamb

All cuts $14/lb
5 lbs & more $13/lb
10 lbs & more $12/lb
20 lbs & more $11/lb

315 Czeski Road
Hardwick, MA 01037-0236
Text/Cell  413-813-8205